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Choosing A Better Lawyer

Social Security Disability Lawyers: Cancer And Debilitating Illnesses

by Willard Chambers

Long-term social security disability benefits are designed to provide a safety net when life deals you a permanent health setback. Unfortunately, many first-time long-term social security disability filers are rejected. One reject letter can sometimes take months or years fix.

If you've recently been diagnosed with cancer or another serious illness, here are some of the ways a social security disability lawyer can help you successfully file a claim the first time.


A cancer diagnosis is one of the most common reasons why individuals file for long-term social security disability benefits. In fact, because so many applicants cite cancer as the reason for filing, there can extra scrutiny placed on these applications.

  • Course of Care: simply stapling your cancer diagnosis to your long-term social security disability application won't get the job done. To meet the criteria for prolonged social security disability you must demonstrate that your cancer diagnosis may permanently prevent you from working. The most effective way to demonstrate your need is by providing extensive documentation about the course of care your medical providers prescribe to treat your cancer. Your social security disability lawyers can review any course of care documentation you receive and can pinpoint ambiguity in the documentation that might cause your claim to be denied. In addition to making sure that your course of care substantiates your claim, they can schedule a second or third opinion with medical providers. These additional opinions can solidify your application.

Serious Illness

Not all illnesses impact people in the same way. If you suffer a serious illness, you might find it impossible to continue your current profession and/or the number of hours you can sustainably work. Your social security disability lawyers can help you file a claim that speaks specifically to the impact of the illness you suffer from.

  • Work History: if you've had a long career in the same profession, your work history can speak volumes about your earning potential and productivity. Your social security disability lawyer can use your W-2 and request documentation from your employer(s) that show how much you've made and also how much earn potential your serious illness might have cost you.
  • Occupational Therapist: including the opinion of an occupational therapist with your application can speak directly to how your serious illness impacts your ability to perform your job. In addition to detailing the debilitating nature of your serious illness, the occupational therapist might also note the long-term prognosis of your ability to return to work.4

For more information about how social security disability lawyers can assist you in your claim, contact a local office.