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When you are hurt in a car accident, there are a lot of things that run through your mind, but most people aren't focused on suing the other driver or their own insurance company. Unfortunately, because of the way the world works, most people find that they are given far less of a settlement than they deserve, especially if the accident wasn't their fault. I wanted to create a blog all about choosing a better accident and personal injury attorney, so that you can prevent longterm financial ramifications from your accident. I know that a lot of these tips helped me along my journey.



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Choosing A Better Lawyer

Tips to Remember When Dealing with Medical Negligence During Pediatric Care

by Willard Chambers

When you think of medical negligence, you probably think of a doctor or nurse making a mistake or being careless while treating an adult. But children, especially newborns and babies, need good health care too. If you believe your child has been harmed due to the negligence of a medical professional, your family might be entitled to financial compensation. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Contact a Lawyer

First things first, you will need a seasoned medical negligence attorney on your side before you move forward. You likely have no or little experience navigating this area and it's likely the doctor or hospital will have an entire army of lawyers ready to defend themselves. You need to level the playing field by hiring your own attorney.

Don't Freak Out

Another reason you should hire an attorney first is that it gives you someone to vent to. You do not under any circumstances want to go off while at the hospital or doctor's office. You can state your objection of course but don't make any threats that could come back to haunt you. You may also say something while emotional that could in some way pass some of the blame onto you instead of the medical professional.

It can be very, very hard to keep calm when someone hurts your child, but you are doing your child no favors if you can't keep your cool through this situation. Let your lawyer do the talking.

Keep Records and Documents

Medical records are always critical during medical negligence cases, but this is especially true in pediatric cases. Your child might not be old enough to really convey what he or she is feeling or what they believe the doctor did or did not do. You will need to let the medical records do the talking for them. Your attorney can assist with getting a full report of everything that was done in or out of the hospital during your child's care.

Stay Positive Around Your Child

Finally, if your child is old enough to realize at least a little about what is going on, try and keep the legal case away from them. Remain positive or neutral about whatever happened and stay focused on getting your child healed or back to full strength if possible, even while the legal case is picking up speed in the background.

Contact a medical negligence attorney today for more information.