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Choosing A Better Lawyer

Potential Complications While Pursuing A Motorcycle Injury Claim

by Willard Chambers

Pursuing a motorcycle accident claim is very different from pursuing a car accident claim. This is mainly due to the design of a motorcycle that makes it inherently dangerous than a regular car. Here are some of the potential complications you are likely to encounter in your pursuit of compensation:

The Issue Of Helmets Always Crop In

Helmets have been proven to be helpful in preventing or reducing the severity of head injuries. This is why many states have helmet laws for motorcyclists. These laws either require all or certain (such as riders within a certain age range) motorcyclists to wear helmets while riding. In such states, it will be difficult for you to win compensation for head injuries if you weren't wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.

The absence of a helmet may affect your motorcycle injury claim even if your state doesn't have strict helmet laws. For example, the judge or jury handling your case may think of you as a negligent person just because you can ride a motorbike without a helmet. The perception may reduce your eventual recovery.

Many People Think Motorcyclists Are Inherently Reckless

Another problem is that many of those who don't own motorcycles think of motorcyclists as generally reckless. This perception has been partially created by the way in which motorcyclists weave in and out of traffic to avoid obstacles or overtake other road users. The common depiction of motorcyclists, particular in popular media, also reinforces this "dangerousness" of motorbike riders. Matters are not helped by the fact that there are indeed a few reckless riders who perform daredevil antics on the road. This prejudice may work against you during your pursuit of justice.

Many People Don't Understand Motorcycle Operations

The last problem is that many people are more familiar with cars than they are with motorcycles. This means that they don't understand the mechanics and operations of motorbikes as well as they do their own cars. This may work against you during the trial because it may be difficult for the jury to understand your explanations while they will not have any such problems with the driver's explanations.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you should initially treat it just like any other accident by getting immediate treatment, informing your insurer, and preserving evidence. After that, consult a motorcycle accident law office like Gould Injury Law to help you overcome the potential complications and get your compensation.