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Choosing A Better Lawyer

Understanding Dash Cam Use In Auto Accident Cases

by Willard Chambers

Dash cams are used to capture video evidence in the event of an accident, but they can record so much more information. These cameras can help you prove your innocence in the event of an accident or protect someone else's rights as a sort of passive bystander if you just happen to be in the area of another incident. There are right and wrong ways to use these devices for legal purposes, and there are even a few features and quality levels for the actual cameras you should be aware of. Here are a few dash cam selections and use details to help you stay in the light of truth with ease.

Dash Cam Selection For Realistic Legal Protection

Dash cams are for more than legal protection, as recording scenery for entertainment purposes is a thriving internet video genre. Sometimes the videos are just for entertainment, but if you want to protect your rights, it's best to invest in the right features. 

At the most basic level, you will need a dash cam that records at wide screen (at least 1280×720 resolution) with 720p video quality. 1080p is a reasonable next step, but if you're strapped for cash, you're not sacrificing much by sticking to 720p.

The point of these wide screen options is to capture enough quality to discern a car braking at the wrong time, swerving in traffic, or to see that a person is intentionally throwing their body against your car as a part of an insurance scam. There are a lot of scams out there that can be easily proven as long as you have a camera that covers the entire windshield.

The next step is covering the rear view, which can be done with a second camera. Front and back coverage will allow the most optimal coverage at an affordable price, as side view scams are likely to be proven by cameras at the front and rear direction of your vehicle.

Make sure that the camera can record at least 10 hours of video at a time, just so you have enough footage that doesn't overwrite itself as you speak to police and get somewhere safe. The cameras should have a way to copy data, such as with a Secure Digital (SD) card or Universal Serial Bus (USB) stick drive or thumb drive.

To spring for the best features for your convenient, a device that has cellular internet (like a smartphone's ability to be on 3G or 4G connections) will allow you to simply email evidence as needed.

Using Dash Cams For Legal Defense

The key to dash cam legality is all about the use. For the purpose of this article, dash cams are used only to record the events of an accident, or similar incidents that could result in bodily harm. They are not to be used for recording conversations.

The legality of audio recordings is different for each state. In some cases, your dash cam video is completely legal, but any attempt to use a recorded confession without making the camera known to everyone being recorded will be thrown out in court. In others, you could be opening yourself up to being sued. 

Contact an auto accident attorney to discuss the legality of dash cams in your area and to make sure you're mounting the devices in a safe and useful way.