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Motorcycle Riding In Colorado? Make Sure You Follow These Traffic Laws

by Willard Chambers

Motorcycle injuries are often pretty serious, and riders often turn to attorneys in an attempt to gain compensation for their injuries from the other driver involved. But sadly, a lot of these cases are lost -- or never even make it to court -- because the motorcycle driver was not following traffic laws at the time of the crash and is therefore considered partially or fully liable for the accident. This is a common occurrence when riders are riding in a new state with different laws from their own state.

The moral of the story is: it's important to follow motorcycle traffic laws in the state you're in. If you will be riding in Colorado, here are some laws to be aware of:

Riders and passengers under 18 must wear helmets.

Colorado is not a state with a helmet law for adults. However, they do require minor drivers to wear helmets -- as well as passengers. If your passenger is injured in a crash and was not wearing a helmet, you could be held liable because you, as the driver, did not insist they wear a helmet before putting them on your bike.

Lane sharing with cars is not legal.

In your home state, you may be used to splitting lanes with a car or riding between lanes when traffic is busy. However, this is not legal in Colorado. You can, however, share a lane riding tandem with one other motorcycle. 

Eye protection is required.

Even though helmets are not required for riders in Colorado, eye protection is a requirement. This helps protect other drivers, too, since a piece of debris being tossed up into your eye could blind you and cause you to crash into another vehicle. You can either wear a helmet with an attached visor or goggles. Passengers must also wear eye protection while on a motorcycle in Colorado.

Passengers must ride behind the driver.

You must have your passenger sit behind you, and your bike must be equipped with foot rests for them to use. You cannot sit the passenger in front of you as some drivers may be tempted to do with a small child. Side cars are legal in Colorado, however, and passengers in them must wear the appropriate eye protection and a helmet if they are 18 or under.

To learn more about motorcycle law in Colorado, reach out to a local motorcycle accident injury attorney.