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Choosing A Better Lawyer

Four Important Driving Safety Tips For Teens

by Willard Chambers

If you have a teen who is ready to become a licensed driver, there are certain safety aspects you want to emphasize more so than the written and driving test. This way, you are more confident in your teen's ability to drive safely on the road. Here are four important driving safety tips that should be emphasized:

  1. No Cell Phones: Using cell phones while driving is extremely dangerous. On top of this, it can be damaging to your teen's driving record if it is shown that they caused a car accident while texting. This can easily be proven by looking at the time text messages are sent from the cell phone. It can also be damaging financially since you can receive a ticket for using your cell phone while driving and these tickets are usually hard hits on your teen's driving record, which means higher insurance rates, as well. 
  2. No Extra People in the Car: Too often, teens will attempt to drive all their friends to a party or other destination. The problem with this is that it's often more friends than what the car can legally hold. The problem with this is that it's dangerous. If your teen were to get into an accident, it can be disastrous emotionally, mentally, and financially if a friend is hurt, especially if the injury ends up being fatal. On top of this, it's a huge distraction. If your teen caused an accident while driving too many people, it's just more emphasis on the situation being their fault. 
  3. No Drinking: Your teen should hopefully already know this, but it's important to put extra emphasis on no drinking and driving. The best way to prevent your teen from doing this is to be supportive and let them know that if they were drinking at a party, you are more than willing to pick them up, no questions asked. This can potentially save your teen's life, as well as others sharing the road with them. 
  4. Wear the Seatbelt: Finally, it's extremely important to ensure that your teen understands the importance of wearing their seatbelt. Putting emphasis on this should start from a very young age. This way, by the time they are ready to drive, it's already a habit to wear their seatbelt. Besides, if your teen is pulled over and found to not be wearing their seatbelt, it's another fine they will have to face. 

When you know these four important driving safety tips to emphasise, you can help your teen become a safe driver, which puts you at more ease emotionally and financially yourself. For more information, contact a local car accident attorney