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Choosing A Better Lawyer

Worried About Your Baby? 4 Steps To Take If You Suspect A Birth Injury

by Willard Chambers

When you're expecting a baby, the last thing you anticipate is a birth-related injury, especially one caused by medical malpractice. Unfortunately, statistics show that about 28,000 babies suffer from birth-related injuries each year in the US alone. If you suspect that your baby has suffered a birth injury, you need to act fast. Here are four steps you should take as soon as you suspect that your child was injured during birth.

Tell the Doctor

If you suspect that your child has suffered a birth-related injury, you need to speak to the attending physician as soon as possible. You also need to talk to the hospital staff. Telling the doctor will allow them to give your baby a thorough examination, which will help them provide early diagnosis and treatment for the injuries. Reporting the injuries will also provide written documentation, should you need to proceed with a lawsuit. When talking to the doctor, it's important that you provide as much detail as possible, including any symptoms you might have identified.

Keep a Journal

When it comes to birth injuries, it's important that you keep a journal. Take notes about how the injuries are affecting your baby, and you. If your baby is experiencing significant difficulties associated with the injuries, write down those difficulties. One thing to remember is that you should take notes, even if the doctor has not diagnosed any specific injuries. Documenting the various symptoms you're noticing will help future doctors provide proper care for your baby.

Seek Medical Care

Once you've notified the attending physician and the hospital, you need to seek medical care for your little one. Now's the time for you to contact specialists so that you can obtain a second or even third opinion. Obtain copies of medical records from each specialist you see, including results for any tests your baby receives.

Talk to an Attorney

If you suspect that your baby has suffered birth-related injuries, you need to speak to a birth injury lawyer as soon as possible. When you sit down with your attorney, bring all the documentation you have, including medical records. Your attorney will need to go through all of your medical records, including prenatal records, birth records, and any subsequent medical care your little one receives. Even if you don't plan on suing for damages, you should still sit down with an attorney so that they can discuss your options with you.